• 24 Karat Gold Leaf
    Finest Gold Foil
  • Pure Gold Leather
    Eternal brilliance
  • Unique Embossed Design
    Gold radiance
  • Made in Japan
    Highest quality and technology
  • More than 400-year history
    Traditional beauty
24K Pure Gold
Embossed design

Welcome to EARSH GOLD

Gold never loses its radiance.
Gold has been loved for hundreds of years both as a beautiful ornament and as an important asset.
It has been used to protect people from evil spirits, and for a great time as a form of currency.
It is also treasured as a symbol of wealth and prosperity – giving it an immeasurable appeal.
EARSH GOLD takes advantage of the technique of the best artisans in Japan, along with the latest technology, to apply the delicate radiance of gold to natural leather.
We produce some of the highest quality pure gold leaf in the world and are always pursuing the next level in gold production.
Follow the radiance of pure gold and enjoy the unparalleled quality that we offer.