“EARSH GOLD” is a range of gold leather products born out of the fusion of the Japanese traditional craft of “gold leaf” and cutting edge technology.
Until now, even if gold leaf had been attached to natural leather, it tended to peel off easily and lacked durability, and thus failed to reach the product stage.
Further, as the embossing process involved pressing with high temperatures and strong pressure, this would cause the gold leaf to peel away, meaning it was not possible to use embossing processing with gold leaf.
However, using Japanese superior cutting-edge technology, we have not only been able to attach gold leaf to natural leather, but have succeeded with the embossing process without losing the brilliance of pure gold, and produced crafted products with a wide range of beautiful designs.



98% of our gold leaf is Kanazawa gold leaf created in Kanazawa, which boasts a history of more than 400 years.
Kanazawa gold leaf is used in a wide variety of structures and traditional arts, such as shrines and temples with great historical significance, including Kinkaku-ji and the Toshogu shrine in Nikko.
The greatest characteristic of gold leaf is its unfading brilliance, and we have hammered out the gold to a thinness of 1/10,000.
In Kanazawa, the highest grade of gold leaf has been created through the combination of a climate optimized for gold leaf with seasoned technique of the highest level.
“EARSH GOLD” gold leaf uses Kanazawa gold leaf, which has a purity of 99.99%, allowing you to enjoy gold leather products that do not lose the brilliance of pure gold.



As gold leaf is extremely thin, attaching the gold leaf is highly detailed, and requires workmanship technique honed through long experience and intuition. Further, even in the case of the embossing process and stitching, in order to deal with such an incredibly thin gold leaf, minutely detailed honed skills are needed from the craftsman.
“EARSH GOLD” is supported by Japanese craftsman who have mastered such high level technology, who are able to preserve the beauty of the gold, drawing out the value of the gold leaf to the maximum, thus producing a gold leaf crafted product, the quality of which cannot be seen elsewhere in the world.